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The PROJECT brings together 5 clusters with different capacities in the smart cities value chain – Energy – Environment – Mobility – ICT, and different geographical areas with the experience to carry out the project in a successful way

Asociación Clúster de Movilidad y Logística de Euskadi, MLC ITS Euskadi

Is a private non-profit association. Its aim is to enhance the competitiveness of its partners in
logistics and supply chain infrastructure and mobility of both people and goods.

Associació Clúster Digital de Catalunya

Is a private non-profit association. It is a meeting point and a network for start-ups, SMEs, large firms and other entities to drive the competitiveness of the Catalan ICT sector, emphasising a new business culture based on collaboration and open innovation.

Fondazione Torino Wireless

Is a non-profit organization. It aims to lead the foremost Italian hi-tech district focused on ICT, to increase the competitiveness of the territory and to support companies in developing business strategies and research projects, boosting dialogue among research and innovation, business and finance.

Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster

Is the first industrial organization for electric mobility in Bulgaria. It brings together the members for industrial, technological, business and strategic development.

Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt e.V.

Is an association founded on the initiative of the regional actors from the City of Leipzig’s Energy & Environmental Technology cluster, which has been operating successfully for several years.