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Update on the SmartCTClusters Training Programme for Clusters

Dec 10, 2020

Last November 27th the project consortia launched its 1st Training Modules hosted by partner Torino Wireless.

Since then, two more sessions have been held, on “Cluster strategy and Cluster vision and action plan” on Dec 1st (part 1) and Dec 4th (part 2). Two interesting sessions that gathered the participation of 25 European clusters and organizations, from 9 different countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and France).

The engagement achieved has been a success so far, and participants have been proactive, collaborative and with a open attitude towards taking this as a great opportunity to acquire knowledge, exchange experiences and learn from real cases studies not only related to clusters itselves, but also about many other industries and sectors.

But there are still three upcoming sessions.

On December, 10th SmartCTClusters has organized a “Matchmaking Session: best practices and knowledge exchanges” which will count for instance, with a specific module on the “ESCA Labelling process” (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) and the experiences from clusters that have achieved the “GOLD” Cluster Management Excellence Label, or how cluster must define and implement Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3).

The last two sessions, to be held Dec 14th & 18th, will be developed around the subject of “Cluster governance and Change management“. Once more, two interesting modules specifically planned to allow participating clusters to learn about tools and elements for organization management and models, analyze, revaluate and improve their strategies, or financial sustainability.