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Smarter cities
for a better future

The 5th SmartCTClusters Exchange Programme in GERMANY

SmartCTClusters invites you to participate in its 5th Networking and Learning Event for Clusters, SMEs and scale-up organizations. Hosted by the Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt (Network Energy and Environment), the exchange programme aims to bring together companies and...

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Smart Cities through Smart Clustering develops a relationship model between clusters related to aspects of the Smart City paradigm and establishes the bases of a collaborative network that includes some of the most relevant ecosystems of the Smart City model: Mobility, Energy, Environment and ICT.

of the project

Establishment of an environment of trust and mutual knowledge
among the clusters involved
Identification of best practices
in relation to management of the organizations involved, value proposal delivery to the respective members and sharing of the know-how associated with reference themes (mobility, energy, environment, ICT, etc)
Identification and definition of a common strategy around the theme of Smart Cities
capable of generating a framework of longterm relationship between the clusters involved and laying the foundations of future member (clusters) incorporations
Definition and execution of a Plan of Actions
aiming at implementing activities and identifying methodologies
Support in the implementation of a new ClusterXchange pilot scheme


The SmartCTClusters partnership will be present at the Smart City Expo World Congress,  conducting many activities for SMEs visiting from its partners' ecosystems (you can learn more here). In addition to these activities, the project is inviting you to an open...

Projects partners

Asociación Clúster de Movilidad y Logística de Euskadi

Associació Clúster Digital de Catalunya

Fondazione Torino Wireless

Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster

Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt e.V.